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eden_linnea's Journal

Eden Linnea G
18 July
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I'm a 29-year-old totally blind yep no sight heroin and cocaine junkie and weed smoker. I love music, mostly ethereal old goth newer stuff like Tori. I want to meet people who can relate or at least not judge, and maybe some nice guy younger or older. I like female friends too, I'm looking to make lots so email me. I love movies, too.
80s music, abuse, acid, aimee mann, alternative music, anne rice, anxiety, aphelion, atlanta, audiobooks, being a freak, being anywhere but here, being close, being different, being free, being fucked up, being held, being honest, being myself, being sarcastic, being strange, being understood, bjork, black clothes, blindness, books, boys for pele, brendan perry, cable, cats, cbs radio mystery theater, cds, chatting, chocolate, cocaine, cockteau twins, collecting figurines, college radio, computers, cowboy junkies, cynicism, darkness, darvocet, dateline, dead can dance, dean koontz, deep thinking, depeche mode, depression, diana obscura, diana obsucra, dido, dope, drugs, dvds, dying my hair black, echo and the bunnyman, feeling loved, fighting boredom, finding new music, foot rubs, gothic, harm reduction, hating my mother, herbs, heroin, honest people, hope, hope sandoval, horror books, imagination theather, insomnia, jarboe, julianna hatfield, junkies, kaza, keeping busy, kind people, kissing, klonipin, law and order, lightning seeds, lisa gerard, little earthquakes, loreena mckinnett, loving someone special, marijuana, mazzy star, michael knight, mochas, morphine, morrissey, movies, mp3s, mysteries, next generation, night gallery, nightrider, not being alone, numerology, odk, odyssey 5, old time radio, otr, outer limits, philosophy, pipes, poetry, psychics, rape, reality shows, rem, ridiculous thoughts, robert smith, schizophenia, shooting up, sinead lohan, sinead oconnor, singing, star trek, stephen king, suspense, sweet things, talking, talking on the phone, tarot, telepathy, the changelings, the cure, the smiths, the swans, thrillers, time travel, tori amos, tripping, twilight zone, vampires, velvet, vicodin, voices in my head, voyager, weed, writing, writing songs, xanax