Eden Linnea G (eden_linnea) wrote,
Eden Linnea G

days and ights mixed up

Everyone always accused me of being a vampire I am beginning to wonder althoug I don't know if i have a fascination with blood though the only time I want blood to flow is when I'm shooting up something, but I do like the vampire lore and it doesn't gross me out or anyting although I often don't know how one can glorify the taking of life by the sucking of blood. I want to read Trainspotting but I don't think my mother would pick it up at the bokstore for me, haha, any other good heroin books anyone can think of. I know it was a movie too but being blind, a book is better. I am looking for more quizes and other silly things to do on the net, gee especialy now that we know what personality disorders I am prone to, lol. Also yes, I' giong to post that link as soon as I fucking figure out how to do it I kow oneof you asked me for that. I wish I could become a paid member, only $5 for 2 months, any of you with a credit card want to help me here? Lol. I wanna meet people from my area and do more criteria on my searches, can't do this as a free member. I think I'm gonna complain oh yeah I just did, lol. Boredom sets in, I want to hear some new music. I got a new file download client as I hate fucking kaza with a passion but the new client well I can find results but guess what I can't figure how to work this soleseek anyone got some ideas for me, that is of the blind folks although I think only one of you reads this. Guess it's time to join a list, damn with such irrelevant topics I dunno. Geez, I need a debit card and money so I can order online although if Ihad money what would be done with it right now is questionable or maybe not. Well, off to see the worldwide web.
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